Roast Beef, Creme Fraiche, Arugula and Caper Canapé

Cassandra Wellington

A walking contradiction, Cassandra has a philanthropist’s God-complex by day, and a hedonist’s appetite by night. She swears she doesn’t eat KFC and shops organic, but catch her in the wee hours of the morning making out with an everything burrito and then you’ll see right into her soul. Give Cassandra a thousand bucks at 2pm and she will create a revelation for you by way of a nine course gourmet tasting menu. Give her that same amount of cash at 2am and she’ll blow it on tacos, malt liquor and gummi worms. What? Don’t judge.

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4 Responses

  1. AmritaRitz says:

    Woot, love the little caper salad action happening on top! Takes this to a whole new level, I’m sure.

    • Cassandra Wellington says:

      @AmritaRitz Double woot! Between the bright lemon zest, briny capers and spicy arugula, you’ve got a glorious bite of salad that knocks this one out of the fucking park. You have a good eye for quality, madame! The caper salad is the BEST part of all!

  2. I could nosh forever on those!

    • Dirty Girls Kitchen says:

      Especially if they were fed to us by a series of hot creatures lined up and oiled up. Just sayin.