Chicken Piccata with Artichokes and Capers

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10 Responses

  1. Kelli Calfee says:

    hahaha~~ I love the recipe and the conversation….I cannot say which I liked better! LOL~~ Love it girls!

  2. Dudes. Just this morning (I swear this is true), I was leaving the house to go out to my car and a raccoon was standing on two legs right next to my car door. So, I'm wondering, which veggie is the raccoon of the veggie world?

    P.S.~ Love chicken piccata.

    • Eve Rillette says:

      Oh, how I love a good challenge…especially if its a potential fur coat. Hm. Raccoon equivalent of the veggie world: Bok Choy: a nice fluffy tail and doesn't wilt in the face of a garbage bag full of competition. That is all. Though I am SURE Cassandra Wellington will disagree, because like any good honey badger, she can't resist a fight.

    • Eve Rillette Eh, I'm a lover not a fighter. Bok choy – sure, whatever, you're totally right…well you knew that wouldn't last long, my sitting placidly like a peaceful hindu cow. Were I to deign this a fight, I'd inquire about a fuzzy veggie. What about fennel with it's bushy top?

      PS. Eve has a bushy top! And a bare bottom!!!
      PPS. Juanita's Cocina – love your story about as much as I love this chicken. Please tell me you gave the raccoon your car keys and he took you for a joyride.

    • The raccoon ran when he saw me. Probably because of what the humidity had done to my hair. Or maybe because he knew I was headed into the "danger zone" AKA: the public school system, where I go to make money so I can buy artichokes. And now bok choy.

    • Eve Rillette says:

      In response to Cassandra Wellington: you can not believe everything you read. 1) my personal grooming habits are much more precise than "bushy" and also…pretty sure Fennel is an herb.

    • Juanita's Cocina Whatever, I never accept judgement on my hair from raccoons. Not anymore.

    • Eve Rillette Fennel tops are turned into a spice, but the sexy round bottoms are total veggies. Mmmmm, sexy round bottoms…

  3. nateprimecp says:

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