Grilled Cheese Globetrotting and a Dirty Side Hustle

Lover dovers – in our last podcast, Episode #8 – Melt My Heart, we played Urban Dictionary Recipe Improv.  Our sexy slut of a girlfriend, All the Way May, asked us to riff on a recipe for the term side hustle.  Eve said that it reminded her of a mile long dipping station to be used with an orgy of grilled cheese sandwiches, cut into tea sandwich sized bites.  Say what you will about, Eve, but that bitch is creative as fuck.  And an expert at planning an orgy.

Speaking of orgy, I took her up on her prompt and put together a sticky, sweaty, dirty fuckfest of grilled cheese with dipping sauces that spans the globe.  Poke around a bit, and if you have a combo that gets you hot, leave us a comment.  We want to make this as dirty as possible, and we can’t do it without some friends to join in.!


Grilled Cheese Dipping Sauce Inspiration
Caprese Grilled Cheese Bolognese Sauce Italy
Grilled Stilton and Roast Beef Mango Chutney UK
Guinness Grilled Cheese with Bacon Irish Cheddar Stout Fondue Ireland
Camembert Grilled Cheese Caramel Sauce France
Brazilian Grilled Cheese (no bread!) Spicy Guava Sauce Brazil
Grilled Pimento Cheese Bacon Jam US South
Mexican Grilled Cheese Avocado Crema Mexico
Boriquen Jibarito (Ham and Cheese on Plantain “Bread”) Garlic Mojo Puerto Rico
Grilled Kim-cheese Sandwich Asian Aioli Korea


Cassandra Wellington

A walking contradiction, Cassandra has a philanthropist’s God-complex by day, and a hedonist’s appetite by night. She swears she doesn’t eat KFC and shops organic, but catch her in the wee hours of the morning making out with an everything burrito and then you’ll see right into her soul. Give Cassandra a thousand bucks at 2pm and she will create a revelation for you by way of a nine course gourmet tasting menu. Give her that same amount of cash at 2am and she’ll blow it on tacos, malt liquor and gummi worms. What? Don’t judge.

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