Lamb Chops with Beet-Balsamic Reduction with Goat Cheese Beets

Lamb Chops Recipe


I can not lie. I shall not lie.
I love good food, but to the kitchen I shall not be tied.
I want it delicious- I want it fast.
So I can get on to the evening’s other unscrupulous tasks.

Which is what brings me to this savory dinner that keeps kitchen time to a minimum and impresses all. And if they aren’t impressed, they don’t need to eat at the glorious table I’ve set. No regrets here. The point is, you can whip this gorgeous dinner up quickly and everyone will be impressed.

This meal is perfect for a night of entertaining…where you want to get onto the entertainment part.

Lamb Chops with Beet-Balsamic Reduction and Goat Cheese Covered Beets

Serves 2

4 lamb chops
1/4 stick of butter
3 tbs. Herbs de Provence
3-4 stalks fresh thyme
1 package whole pre-cooked beets (~4 beets)
4 tbs. goat cheese
1 tbs. balsamic vinegar
1 tbs. cooking sherry
(optional) red cooking wine
salt (Himalyan or Hawaiian are my favorites on this dish, but kosher will work fine too), fresh-cracked pepper

Remove goat cheese from refrigerator and put into mixing bowl with fresh thyme (removed from stalk), to bring to room temperature. Set aside.
Preheat oven to 450 degrees.
Heavily season lamb chops with herbs de provence, fresh thyme, salt and fresh-cracked pepper. Set aside.
Drop beets (and juice) into small sauce pan, cover and gently warm on low heat. I like to cut them in half while they are in the pan, so more juicy goodness runs into the pan.
Remove beets from pan, keep warm (I wrap them in aluminum foil, and place over a low heat on another burner).
Add balsamic vinegar, cooking wine to beet juice, turn up heat to medium-high and reduce, uncovered until thickened, but not syrupy.

Warm large frying pan with 1/8 stick butter, once the butter is almost clarified, drop the lamb chops in, seasoned side down.
Cook lamb chops 3-4 minutes.
While the lamb chops are cooking, generously season face-up side with herbs de provence, salt and pepper.
Just before you’re ready to flip, add 1/2 tsp of cooking sherry to deglaze.
Cook 3-4 minutes.
<check the beet reduction, add red cooking wine if it’s too thick>
Put pan in oven 3 minutes to finish cooking lamb chops.
Carefully remove lamb chops from oven, remember – that pan is smoke’n hot.
Remove lamb chops from heat, let rest.
Add warm beets to goat cheese and thyme and toss. Make sure you mix that up until the goat cheese is pretty pink.

When you’re ready to serve, spoon some of the pan’s juices and the beet-balsamic reduction sauce (because you shamelessly want every bit of that juicy goodness) onto the lamb chops, plate with goat cheese-beets.

Enjoy this dish with abandon – is there any other way?

Eve Rillette

Eve Rillette (pronounced “EE-ve ree-YET”) is 5’1” of hard core opinion. She’s a little bit salty and a little bit sweet, usually at the same time. Though she is better at eating out than cooking, Eve is confident that she can dominate the kitchen. Loves all food including that out of a truck and especially at a first class restaurant. Always looking for the next culinary adventure, but not really interested in eating fried bugs no matter how adventurous that makes her look. Best known as a “Piece of Work with a Foul Mouth.”

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