About Us

Forget what everyone has told you – dirty girls are both sinners and saints.  There are two sides to the dirty girl coin, and this site is here to show you the way. Maybe it’s the side of you that makes your mother gasp, but keeps the men in your life begging for more. That same side that has you dancing inappropriately at weddings, broken heels and wardrobe malfunctions be damned. The side of you that (not so) occasionally over indulges. Yep, you’re that girl.  And not necessarily all the time, but when it hits, you’re ready to play.

We like the finer things in life, and the kitchen is no exception. Eating ridiculously sexy food and keeping a well-stocked pantry is at times more important than a new pair of shoes (though they rate high on the list too). Dirty girls take pleasure in a total lack of regrets – each day is an adventure and never an apology.

This site is the handiwork of dirty girls extraordinaire, Eve Rillette and Cassandra Wellington.  They bond over a shared passion for the kitchen with a touch of dirty. Their appetites are voracious, culinary skills creative, and their cravings for a good, stiff drink insatiable. Their combining of cooking, eating and drinking are particularly insightful, to the point that they’ll either make an Olympic sport or an art form of it someday.  Until then, they encourage you to live vicariously through their shenanigans on this site.  Because they know damn well that you are just as dirty as they are.