Eve Rillette

Eve Rillette (pronounced “EEv ree-YET”) is 5’1” of hard core opinion. She’s a little bit salty and a little bit sweet, usually at the same time.  Though she is better at eating out than cooking, Eve is confident that she can dominate  the kitchen. Loves all food including that out of a truck and especially at a first class restaurant. Always looking for the next culinary adventure, but not really interested in eating fried bugs no matter how adventurous that makes her look.  Best known as a “Piece of Work with a Foul Mouth.”

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20 Questions (plus a few more) with Eve Rillette

Zodiac Sign:  Leo, baby. Watch me roar or make me purr. Your choice.

Favorite Color
: Pink. Or a sexy, red garnet.

Last Meal: Game on!  Seared Foie Gras with Pomegranate Chutney followed by Quail with Bacon, Lentils and Port Wine Green Peppercorn Sauce and then Rabbit Ballotine with Parsley Root, Chard, Fresh Cranberry Beans and a shit ton of wine to pair.

Favorite Ingredient: Salt.

Hate to Eat: Iceberg Lettuce. Gag.

Dirtiest Thing You’ve Done in the Kitchen: Cleared the counters and broke way too much glass, all without cooking a single thing.

Go To Midnight Snack: Goat cheese and foie gras mousse grilled cheese sandwich.

Liquor that Gets You Sicker: Tequila.

Favorite Foodie: Eric Ripert is the wind beneath my culinary skirt.

Fave Food Blog:  Apron Anxiety – she’s a better writer than most and a better cook than she gives herself credit for.

Site Where You Splurge:  The Spice House. Some tiny wineries in Paso Robles and Napa.

Favorite Appliance: Duh, mother fucker. What do think?! I love my..Oh, kitchen appliance. My coffee maker. The best “morning after” fix I can find.

Favorite Foodie Destination:  España. It’s like you can feel the passion as soon as the plate hits the table.

Favorite Band: You mean what do I dance to in the kitchen? Depends and what I’m cookin’ if you know what I mean.

Celebrity Crush: George Clooney does it for me, but I wouldn’t mind sprinkling in some Sophia Vergara into that hot pot.

Boxers or Briefs: Commando, baby.

Diamonds or Pearls: A girl should never have to choose.

Pet Peeve in a Partner: Whining. I mean is there anything less sexy than a whiner!?

Phobia: Overcooked filet. Overcooked asparagus.

Hobbies When Your Not Cooking: Kickboxing. Shooshing down a hill to a hot toddy. Eating the spectacular food that others cook.

Guiltiest Pleasure: Salted Chocolate

Secret Talent: I really can cook. I just don’t want the word to get out, because then I’ll always be cooking and never be eating out.