Author: Cassandra Wellington

Dirty Shirley Sorbet (Cherry Vodka and Ginger Ale Sorbet)

Something about taking a cloyingly sweet Shirley Temple and then hitchin’ up its skirt and tarting up its makeup with a little vodka made you guys pick this one as the first flavor in our Unique Ice Cream Flavor Contest. We love the way it leaves our lips rosy and our cheeks tingly from the fizzy ginger ale.

Roast Beef, Creme Fraiche, Arugula and Caper Canapé

The morning after is going to require a little TLC for your bruised and battered shell of a self, and this treat is close to perfection. It’s incredible as it doesn’t involve a lick of cooking, and the majority of the ingredients are lying around the house already. You are in no position to do anything but consume a few bites of protein and carbs to sponge up the shit storm of alcohol sloshing around in your tum tum.

Garlicky Collard Greens

I call these greens Kate Mosses because they are so svelte when you slice them, they are damn near anemic in their skinniness. Waifish greens who believe that Parliaments and San Pellegrino make a healthy diet. I dress them skimpily with olive oil and tons of fresh garlic because they are such perfection that they don’t need a whole lot to be gorgeous.

Green Chile Cheddar Cornbread

Sometimes you have a dish of food in front of you so fucking sexy, you want to sop it up with a biscuit. Or in the case of this recipe, a big ol’ piece of crumbly, moist cornbread. This recipe kicks the shit out of regular Jiffy Cornbread Mix (yup, the little blue box of stuff) with the addition of whole kernel corn and roasted chiles.