Author: Eve Rillette

Happy Hour with Eve

There was no honey in this week – not even a packet of Sweet & Low. My package was actually just labeled “Low.” So I’m calling for a happy hour throw down! Forget your week. I guarantee it! This little number does what even the Honey Badger can’t do.

Fiery Apricot Ice Cream with Jalapeño and Pistachios

It’s not that I don’t like choices, its simply that I want it all. In my quest for having it all, I finally get to kick those over-priced, self-righteous hippies Ben and Jerry (another choice I didn’t make), to have everything I want in ice cream. Stephanie E. is clearly a woman after my own self-indulgent heart because she came up with this wild ride of an ice cream on our Facebook page.

Are You Dirty?

Are you wondering if you found the right place? Well, does it feel like you just slid into a rabbit hole that’s more than “drink me” and “eat me”? Then you’re in the right place, ‘cuz we’re all about eating, drinking, licking, sucking and slurping.