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Food for When You’re Lazy

Cass’ Honey Badger

Accept no substitutes – when you are looking for a Honey Badger in drink form, this is the ultimate version. With a golden combination of Wild Turkey American Honey Bourbon, ginger ale, fresh lemon juice and orange zest, all else is put to shame. I’m talkin’ to you, Eve Rillette!

Sweet and Sassy Cocktail Meatballs

Hold on to your panties, ladies – this one is a party favorite. This is the Superbowl appetizer equivalent of the “Fast and the Furious.” Because, as you know, “Superbowl” is really code for good food – this meatball recipe is so good, it’ll leave folks begging for more. Even after the game.

Shredded Beef Tacos with Avocado Salsa Verde and Pickled Onions

When you’re looking to sop up the alcohol in your stomach or eat your feelings with reckless abandon, these tacos are more comforting than a hug from your nana on Christmas Eve. Or in our case, more comforting that Eric Ripert pouring reposado tequila shots directly into our greedy mouths.

Roast Beef, Creme Fraiche, Arugula and Caper Canapé

The morning after is going to require a little TLC for your bruised and battered shell of a self, and this treat is close to perfection. It’s incredible as it doesn’t involve a lick of cooking, and the majority of the ingredients are lying around the house already. You are in no position to do anything but consume a few bites of protein and carbs to sponge up the shit storm of alcohol sloshing around in your tum tum.

Pressure Cooker Bolognese

This recipe leverages the pressure cooker to get dinner to the table in a matter of minutes, and the presentation is so clean and flawless that folks will be none the wiser when it comes to any earlier screwups. Just you basking in endless praise and the remnants of the Beef Wellington that you set on fire smoldering in the trashcan outside. You’re welcome.