Dirty Dishes #19 Kobe and The Japanese Sex Robot

Well, my loves, it had to happen. We introduce our newest victim..oops, we mean, secretary (should we name her Vanessa Bryant?), who also happens to be a Japanese Sex Robot and to celebrate, we toss our wasabi with Kobe Beef recipes from front to back. We play family unfriendly baby shower games and laugh so hard Eve almost chokes…what she chokes on is for our listeners only. Join us this week for our most Jpop episode yet, but it’s so fun, we might do it again and again!


Dirty Dishes #17: Do It To Me Raw – Rebellious Raw Food

After Eve’s weekend adventure, we find ourselves needing to extol the virtues of raw food that aren’t veggies. Cass dishes her dirtiest secrets to the best carpaccio and Eve reveals what makes poke authentic.  We...


Dirty Dishes #16: Putting The Cock In Your Tail (Classic Drinks and Dips for a Hellacious Happy Hour)

On This Episode Hello Dirty Birdies! Let’s take it back old school to a time when getting shit faced all day long was perfectly acceptable.  When no one looked at you cross eyed for...

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Dirty Dishes #15: I Don’t Want To Taco About it

On This Episode As Eve bemoans her latest hangover and tries to remember last night’s shenanigans, we dish about the ultimate hangover cure: breakfast tacos with a homemade chorizo recipe you can only get...


Dirty Dishes #14: Fondue It To Me Dirty – Comfort Foods To Keep You Warmed Up

On This Episode So it’s the dead of winter and besides lounging on a bear-skin rug in front of the fire, we require sustenance for our deep winter shenanigans, including skiing and…anything else you...


Dirty Dishes #13: Last Longer, What To Do With Leftovers

On This Episode Lucky #13! In honor of our longest commitment ever, we’re talking about how to last longer-what to do with those leftovers you’ve got haunting your fridge? Of course we do it...


Dirty Dishes #12: Naked and Fearless in the Kitchen

On This Episode What to cook when you’re naked and fearless (what to cook when you don’t want to burn your naughty bits) that’s dangerously delicious. What to do when your main dining companion...


Dirty Dishes #11: Quick and Dirty Snacks, Dinners, Drinks and Kitchen Hacks

On This Episode In this episode it’s all about being easy…and we know you are. We serve up time saving snacks, fast dinners and kitchen hacks including a heated and spicy argument about the...

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Dirty Dishes #10 – Full-Frontal Dial-A-Kitchen Bitch: Your Cooking, Eating, Etiquette and Culinary Questions with a Dash of Recipe Joy

On This Episode Hello loves. It’s a special episode dedicated to you. Whether you came to the party early or late, the fact is, you’re here. We’re celebrating all things Dirty Birdy with culinary...