Dirty Dishes #18: 5 Unforgivable Deadly Kitchen Sins

Welcome Dirty Birdies to all the glory (or gore) that is #18, whereby we pass judgement on the kitchen cock blocks we see most often and how to fix that shit. The deadly sins can be absolved – and we prove it. Eve also renders Cass speechless, if only for a moment. We toss all rules to the wind and celebrate Urban Dictionary’s glory in a completely different way this week. And we have not one by two audience questions on this week’s Dial A Kitchen Bitch, including dealing with picky eaters (SCAN-DAHL!!) and overly helpful guests in your kitchen. Along the way, we toss a couple of salads, and generally raise a little (ok, a lot of) hell. Don’t forget you can catch up with us on Facebook and Twitter where we often extend the sinful behavior. 

Recipes Cass Dreams About In This Epi:

Oysters Rockafeller ala Cass vis a vis Mel



Broke for Free: Calm The Fuck Down 

Eve Rillette

Eve Rillette (pronounced “EE-ve ree-YET”) is 5’1” of hard core opinion. She’s a little bit salty and a little bit sweet, usually at the same time. Though she is better at eating out than cooking, Eve is confident that she can dominate the kitchen. Loves all food including that out of a truck and especially at a first class restaurant. Always looking for the next culinary adventure, but not really interested in eating fried bugs no matter how adventurous that makes her look. Best known as a “Piece of Work with a Foul Mouth.”

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