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Dirty Dishes #9: The Slow Grind with Gourmet Super Bowl Slow Cooker Meals Matched With Winning Cocktails, Trips Around The World With Your Crock Pot, Time Saving Crock Pot Tips, Cards Against Humanity Capers

It’s almost time for the Super Bowl and we thought that would be the perfect time to slow it down a bit and enjoy life with a gourmet Super Bowl dinner that will lead to the sexiest half-time show of your life. In true DGK style, we grind nice and slow through all the courses and then we add some last minute kick with Cards Against Humanity DGK-style where we answer ponderous questions to life’s most dirty problems.

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Dirty Dishes #8 – Melt My Heart, Insane Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, The Cleanse Foodies Can Get Behind, Etiquette DGK-style and Unforgettable Food Game Shenanigans

On This Episode There is nothing normal in the Dirty Girl’s Kitchen and this week proves it. Get your headphones ready because we warm RIGHT up this week and dig into ooooooey-gooey goodness with...


Dirty Dishes #7 – Cold and Hard Week with Vodka Urban Myths, Beer and Pairing Recommendations, Dessert to Get You Through The Winter and Urban Dictionary Recipe the Rusty Trombone

On This Episode This week’s Cold and Hard theme got Cass and I all kinds of hot. We took audience questions, dished on our favorite beer and pairings,  jello shots for the dirty yet...


Dirty Dishes #6 – No Resolutions, No Regrets

To celebrate 2016, we have made a joint resolution to not have any damn resolutions that will stand in our fllthy, dirty ways. We celebrate with live on-air tastings of several of the listener submitted boozy but fabulous, Sugar Walls, Cards Against Humanity DGK Style and the best thing on the internet this week will have you as happy as blue booze can make you. Join Cassandra and Eve as we kick 2016 in the nuts with our first podcast of the year.


Dirty Dishes #5 – Holiday Balls, Soul-less Food Review, and Festively Foul Food Games

The Souless Food Review: Cassandra reviews the Buffalo Wild Wings Mountain Dew Wings so you don’t have to,. We play “Urban Dictionary or Food Recipe?” and Eve does astoundingly poorly. We do our first DGK Gift Exchange, sing a special holiday DGK jingle and play the dirtiest Cards Against Humanity DGK-style yet. Plus, filth shall not overshadow the actual food, we unwrap not one, but THREE, holiday balls recipes.


Dirty Dishes #4 – The Sugar and Spice Unholiday Show with Trips to the Mediterranean, India, The Latest Anti-Food and Alcohol-Infused Food Insanity

Oh, Dirty Birdies…we’re almost completely, entirely, absolutely over the holidays. Already. So we bring you a show filled with Sugar and Spice, giving (and receiving) that mocks the limitations of the holidays, with our own recipes like Lamb Marguez Benedict and a chai drink that will fuel your exhausting holiday schedule. We feature recipes from the Unorthodox Epicure and Wanna Be TV Chef that are going to have you swinging from the holly. All this with the alcohol fueled insanity you’ve come to expect from Cassandra and Eve.


Dirty Dishes #3 – Celebration-Worthy Cocktails, Desserts, Drunken Food Hookups and Our Kinky Take on Shepard’s Pie

Happy holidays Dirty Birdies! We have so many gifts in this podcast, we dish our late night sins, ways to make you shine and dine at all the parties you want to and have to go to, share the best thing on the internet this week, where to find the best, most perfect pie crust recipe and share our newest creamiest (alcoholic) discovery which you’ll be drinking all season long. What (not) to do with a fruitcake and what to do instead, and cocktail galore. All this sandwiched in between the trashy yet classy shenanigans of the culinary world’s ladies of ill-repute.


Dirty Dishes #2 – A Date with Raul the Roast, Holiday Survival, How to Save Money on Booze and Profane Food Shenanigans

We rant & riot about holiday survival tips, airport food for foodies, the best and worst food and cocktail internet finds and totally hilarious, but unironic blog titles. We introduce you to Raul and Fire Crotch and send you on your Dirty Birdy way…


Dirty Dishes #1 – Down and Dirty Thanksgiving, Trash Talking, Comfort Foods, What NOT To Bring For Thanksgiving

Join us as we answer such pressing questions as whether we’re pro-choice on maraschino cherries or not, what not to bring to Thanksgiving dinner, how to REALLY cook a turkey, how to compensate for inadequate pies and importantly, what to drink in preparation of your family-liscious holiday.