Cass’ Honey Badger

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7 Responses

  1. Warren W. Caterson says:

    I really wanted to try this for Super Bowl Sunday. Really. I did. But first I had to sample the 4-oz of Wild Turkey American Honey Bourbon since it was a new libation for me. And after the first sample I had to try it again (just to be sure). Well, after sample number four (or was that six?) I decided to forgo the ginger ale, fresh lemon (which I didn't have), the orange crap and that mint thingy. Still…I give it a two thumbs up. Now…who was playing today?

    • Hahaha! I'm sure that honey badger fully approves of you just drinking straight bourbon. Don't slow down with any of that hoity toity action – sometimes you've just got to get down to business.

  2. Kitchie coo says:

    I just HAD to click on this as soon as I saw the title! I love the freaking honey badger video, it brings me so much joy. Certainly this drink would too!

  3. Eric Sondag says:

    I'd recommend a substitution: Blenheim's Extra Hot Ginger Ale. This cocktail BEGS for it.