Happy Birthday Rob! with Dirty Steak and Eggs in Pancetta Cups

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4 Responses

  1. thackary says:

    Amazing! I’ve just discovered your blog via Rob at Go Cook Yourself, and I’m blown away. Wonderful food, served with a generous helping of innuendo from two sexy chefs – who could ask for more?

    • Cassandra Wellington says:

       @thackary Haha!  So glad to have you here 😉  We adore Rob and any friend of his is welcome in our dirty kitchen.  Cheers!

  2. passioneats says:

    Well, now, you already know how I feel about truffles. And besides putting together a kick ass recipe, you know your shit–don't rush those scrambled eggs! Can I invite you to my birthday party?

    • Slow and wet! That's the only way! And yes, you can invite us to your birthday party. And yes, we'll get you shitfaced and ply you with white truffles. And yes, we think you are the fucking bee's knees. Yes, yes and yes.