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Crock Pot Recipes

Oven Pulled Pork with Mustard Slaw

This is for all the dirty girls who want a good porkin’. The ones that want a fall-off-the-bone fork tender pork shoulder and a scoop of spicy mustard slaw, all lavished upon a giant kaiser roll. A bite so dirtily juicy, they need a plethora of napkins at arms reach. Get a face-full, cuz we know you want it.

Easy Sleazy Coq au Vin

Our coq is easy and tasty, leaving you plenty of time to putter around the kitchen getting tipsy before it’s time to dig in. Nothing better than this easy-sleazy, as we take Julia Child’s classic version of coq au vin and pare it down for simple midweek cooking.

Sweet and Sassy Cocktail Meatballs

Hold on to your panties, ladies – this one is a party favorite. This is the Superbowl appetizer equivalent of the “Fast and the Furious.” Because, as you know, “Superbowl” is really code for good food – this meatball recipe is so good, it’ll leave folks begging for more. Even after the game.

Shredded Beef Tacos with Avocado Salsa Verde and Pickled Onions

When you’re looking to sop up the alcohol in your stomach or eat your feelings with reckless abandon, these tacos are more comforting than a hug from your nana on Christmas Eve. Or in our case, more comforting that Eric Ripert pouring reposado tequila shots directly into our greedy mouths.

Black Eyed Peas with Ham Hocks and Smoked Sausage

Well, I know that it’s gauche right now to laud the resurgence of comfort food as the “it” thing and make black eyed peas our first meal of the New Year, but don’t get it twisted. Regardless of what the bevy thinks is cool right now, I’d be lapping up bowls of this stuff right now like a kitty with a dish of cream. There is nothing that’ll quell this shit storm of a hangover better than some black eyed peas and rice. Let’s make it happen. -CW