Dirty Dishes #1 – Down and Dirty Thanksgiving, Trash Talking, Comfort Foods, What NOT To Bring For Thanksgiving

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4 Responses

  1. You had me at “finger licking good.” Way to go ladies (or is that title going a little overboard here?) Looking forward to more!

    • Cassandra Wellington says:

      We’re not put off by they “ladies” moniker. There are just so many scandalous descriptors that do the job oh-so-much-better 😉 Speaking of scandalous, our kitch is so much better knowing that being back means we get to chat you up again. Raising the biggest fucking glass in your honor right now!

      • If y’all are ever looking for a threesome, I might just be your guy. — And please, stick around for a while, will ya?

        • Cassandra Wellington says:

          Baby, we are totally down to talk dirty kitchen antics with you. What do you want to cook up with us? I’m pretty sure whatever it is, if we make it together, we’re going to set the fucking kitchen on fire.

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